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Radiolink AT9S 9-channel Radio Mode 2 R9DS Receiver Maximize

Radiolink AT9S 9-channel Radio Mode 2 R9DS Receiver

Radiolink AT9S 9-channel Radio Mode 2 R9DS Receiver

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DSSS&FHSS Spread Spectrum

DSSS & FHSS working synchronously,16 channels pseudo random frequency hopping,QPSK modulation ensure excellent anti-interference performance. Even can controlled normally in city center.

Actual measurement : 900 meters ground and 1500 meters air.

Real-time Data Telemetry

Support signal strength, receiver voltage monitored, and extended engine voltage telemetry module PRM-01 and OSD info telemetry module PRM-02. PRM-02 can feedback GPS, SPEED, voltage etc. on AT9S display when work with flight controller APM or PIX.

The Most Full Types And Functions

Suit for all airplanes including helicopter 8 swash plate modes, fixed wing 2 tails 3 airfoils, gliders 4 airfoils 2 tails, and multicopter, RC cars and boats.

Top Configuration

MCU: STM32F103VET6 (32-bit RISC core operating at a 72 MHz frequency, 512 Kbytes of Flash memory, two 12-bitADCs). Chip: TI CC2533, the most advanced chip ever in a RC transmitter.


English, Spanish, German,Italian, French, Turkish, Russian, Korean and Chinese menu.

SBUS, PPM And PWM Support

S-BUS, PPM and PWM signal possible working at the same time. AT9S sells with receiver R9DS, SBUS and PWM signal output simultaneous.

Also, compatible with diversity antenna receiver R10DS, support SBUS and PWM signal output simultaneous.

Supper mini receiver R6DS, support SBUS, PPM and PWM signal output simultaneous!


R9DS, support SBUS, PPM and PWM signal working at the same time, easy to connect.

Green And Low Consumption

90mA operating current: Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS) ensure the operating current keep to 90mA when using 3S LiPo battery, a half or even one third consumption of the similar products. With a 1800mAh, 3S LiPo battery can working more than 12 hours. PCB layout designof AT9S solve the interference of SMPS.

Anti-polarity Connect Protection Intelligent

Do not worry about that damage your transmitter even connect anti-polarity all the time.

Universal JST battery connector and wide input voltage range, ensure multiple battery support,

8pcs AA batteries or 2S-4S LiPo battery or other kinds of batteries.

4096 Precision

4096 section precision, the max PWM signal jitter is 1.84us, and the regular jitter is 0.5us, a quarter of AT9 and one-six of competing products, ensure servos anti-shake rudder.

Multiple Alarm Prompt

Low RSSI vibration alarm setting, low transmitter voltage, low receiver voltage and low extended engine voltage alarm.

Vibration, DD sounds and words alarming avoid any ignorance in a noisy condition, ensure a safe flight.

Humanized Design Easy Setting

Navigation menu offering next step, simplified the operating and setting. Easily using even without watching user manual.

USB Upgrade

Upgrade by a USB cable helps AT9S always keeps the most advanced system and program.

The USB data backup copy function of AT9S help you save and copy parameter settings easily.

Programmable MIX Control

Basic menu, advance menu, graph view for varieties of throttle and servo curve,

5-10 channels are customized. Any advanced settings as you want.

Humanized Switch Positioning

Two knob switches, two slider switches,three three-gear switches, four two-gear switches,

a reset trainer switch.

Support multiple aerial control mode and PTZ control. VR switches are galvanized and sub UV design.



  • Size of AT9S transmitter : 183 x 100 x 193 mm,
  • Size of R9DS receiver : 41 x 23 x 14 mm
  • Weight :  0.88 kg
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz ISM band (2400MHz to 2483.5MHz)
  • Modulation mode: QPSK
  • Channel bandwidth: 5.0 MHz & 250Kbps
  • Spread spectrum: DSSS & FHSS
  • Adjacent channel rejection: >38dbm
  • Transmitter power: dOOmW (20dbm )
  • Operating current: 90mA@12V
  • Operating voltage: 7.4~18.0V
  • Control distance: more than 900 meters ground, 1500 meters air (the actual control distance depends on the flying environment)
  • Channel; 10 channels, 5-10 channels are customized
  • Compatible model: include all 120 degree and 90 degree swash-plate helicopter, all fix wings, glider and multi-rotor
  • Simulator mode: under the simulator mode the transmitter action turn off, change to power saving mode
  • Screen; 2.8 inches 16 colorful screen, 240*320 PX
  • Support receivers: R9DS,R10DS & R6DS

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Radiolink AT9S 9-channel Radio Mode 2 R9DS Receiver

Radiolink AT9S 9-channel Radio Mode 2 R9DS Receiver

Radiolink AT9S 9-channel Radio Mode 2 R9DS Receiver

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