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RC4WD Bully II MOA KIT 4WD Competition Crawler 1:10 Maximize

RC4WD Bully II MOA KIT 4WD Competition Crawler 1:10

RC4WD Bully II 2.2 MOA KIT 4WD Competition Crawler 1/10


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The Bully 2.2 MOA Competition Crawler Kit is ready to be built and compete. The Bully 2.2 offers unmatched features that include carbon fiber chassis, Bully 2.2 Competition CNC machined axles, aluminum shocks, titanium links, carbon fiber and delrin Rocker 2.2” Beadlock Wheels and Bully Advanced X2SS Compound Competition Tires.

The Bully 2.2 MOA Competition Crawler Kit components are built with the intention to meet the U.S.R.C.C.A rules and destroy the competition. Bully axles offer ultimate strength and durability, full ball bearings, steel internal heavy duty gears, XVD’s, clockable C’s, sleek gearbox and tons of adjustability to meet your needs.

The MOA allows for ultimate control with its dual motor setup. This will reduce your center of gravity and increase the run time. Pair it with a Rocker Dig II (Z-E0028) to allow for independent control of the motors giving you optimum power and other useful functions on the rocks.

Not all RC Crawler manufacturers are created equally, RC4WD sets itself apart from the competitors by offering amazing quality and details. Adding to our portfolio is this crafted crawler that will without a doubt rock your world with its out of the box features! No other crawler or crawler company can compare. The Bully 2.2 MOA Competition Crawler is a game changer!


  • CNC Machined Aluminum Axles
  • MOA (Motor on Axle Design)
  • Steel Internal Heavy Duty Gears
  • Bully 2.2" Competition Tires (Advanced X2SS Compound)
  • Carbon Fiber and Delrin Wheels
  • Clockable C's
  • Aluminum Shocks
  • Titanium Links
  • Carbon Fiber and Delrin Chassis
  • High Clearance Chassis Design
  • Carbon Fiber Battery Plate
  • Easy to Paint Lexan Body Panels
  • Endless Customizing for Unique End User


  • Bully 2 Competition Crawler Axles
  • Ratio: 40.7 : 1
  • Pinion Gear: 32P 14T
  • Hex Width: 219.5mm
  • Hardened Steel Gears
  • Case Material: Billet Aluminum

Bully 2 Suspension

  • 4 Link Front and Rear Suspension

Shock Absorbers

  • Internal Spring 90mm Shocks – Can Be Oil Filled


  • Type: 2.2" Lightweight Competition Beadlock Wheels
  • Hub: Hex Type
  • Width: 25.3mm
  • Back Spacing: 15mm

Bully 2 Dimensions

  • Wheel Base: 317mm (12.5")
  • Width: 254mm (10")
  • Height: 182mm (7.2")
  • Ground Clearance: 92mm (3.6")
  • Final Drive Ratio: 40.7 : 1
  • Weight: 4.38lbs / 1.99Kg

These rod ends are made with a new advanced plastic compound from RC4WD and provide maximum durability on the rocks.
These solid titanium links are made from RC4WD and offer great drive-line angles and performance on the rocks.

The new Bully 2 Axles have spent years in research, testing and development to bring you a competition worthy axle out of the box. No need to spend countless dollars on upgrading these axles.
The new Bully 2 Gear Set is installed on Bully 2 Competition Crawler Axles. They have the most durable gears RC4WD has ever offered so that the MOA will stay on the rocks, day after day.

Aluminum shocks feature a completely new design from the ground up and are built to handle all terrains. Your crawler will be able to battle all the flex needed to conquer the rocks.

The high-quality carbon fiber and delrin materials make these wheels super lightweight, while still providing ample strength to support the weight of the MOA crawler.
Designed to be an out of box competition crawler tire, the Bully 2.2 is created with the help of the RC4WD Crawler Team with full testing completed in multiple conditions and terrains.

The MOA chassis is machined with carbon fiber material. This is a new high-quality material RC4WD uses to make the MOA lighter to bring you the best options for your crawling style.

What's Included:

  • 1x RC4WD Bully II MOA KIT Competition Crawler

Replacements Parts(ask to Us):

  • RC4WD MOA Competition Crawler Chassis Set (Z-C0047)
  • Heavy Duty Steel Black 3mm Con Washers (10) (Z-S0843)
  • Bully 2 Competition Crawler Steering Link Kit (Z-S0952)
  • Bully 2 Competition Crawler Front Axle (Z-A0012)
  • Bully 2 Competition Crawler Rear Axle (Z-A0084)
  • RC4WD Superlift Superide 90mm Scale Shock Absorbers (Z-D0015)
  • RC4WD M3/M4 Plastic Long Rod End (Z-S1375)
  • RC4WD M3/M4 Plastic Short Rod End (Z-S1378)
  • M3 Plastic Bent Rod End (Z-S0074)
  • Rocker 2.2" Lightweight Competition Beadlock Wheels (Z-W0178)
  • Bully 2.2" Competition Tire (Z-T0134)
  • Outcry Crawler Speed Controller ESC with TurboBEC (Z-E0007)
  • Rocker Dig II (Electronic) for MOA Crawler (Z-E0028)
  • XR4 4-Channel 2.4Ghz Transmitter/Receiver Radio (Z-R0006)
  • Twister High Torque Metal Gear Digital Servo (Z-E0035)
  • RC4WD Brushed 35T Boost Rebuildable Crawler 540 Motor (Z-E0045)
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Strap Lock (5) (Z-S0552)
  • Heavy Duty Metal Servo Arm for Futaba Type Servo (Black) (Z-S0182)

Hopups(ask to Us):

  • King Off-Road Dual Spring Shocks (90mm Medium OD) (Z-D0061) (Rear Only)
  • RC4WD Rock Krawler RRD Emulsion Scale Dual Spring Shocks (90mm) (Z-D0052) (Rear Only)
  • Twister Ultimate High Performance Waterproof Servo (Z-E0063)
  • Outcry Crawler Dual Motor ESC w. Fan & TurboBEC (Z-E0008)
  • Chubby Mini 3 TON Scale Jack Stands (Z-S0731)

Items of Interest: (not required for completion, ask to Us)

  • Hex Drivers (1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm)
  • Long Nose Pliers
  • Side Cutter Pliers
  • Associated Thread Locking Adhesive
  • Cross Wrench or Nut Driver
  • Grease and Lubrication (Z-S0520)
  • Double Sided Tape for ESC (Z-S0935) (Z-S0934)

Instruction Manuals:
Click here to download

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RC4WD Bully II MOA KIT 4WD Competition Crawler 1:10

RC4WD Bully II MOA KIT 4WD Competition Crawler 1:10

RC4WD Bully II 2.2 MOA KIT 4WD Competition Crawler 1/10


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