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Hpi Bullet MT FLUX 1/ 10 Brushless RTR Maximize

Hpi Bullet MT FLUX 1/ 10 Brushless RTR

Hpi Bullet MT FLUX 1/ 10 Brushless RTR

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Hpi Bullet MT Flux 2_4GHZ Brushless RTR 03

Are you ready for the speed and power of the flow of bullets?
The hugely popular HPI Bullet MT Flux has been updated with a whole new look and this super tough off-road car is ready for action at your command!
The Bullet MT Flux can cross any type of terrain thanks to the immense power of its powerful brushless motor that crosses its 4WD transmission. Reaching incredible speeds and taking in huge air has never been this fun! The Bullet's durable and robust design means it can make hard landings and difficult actions, and waterproof protection means that it is protected from the elements so you can enjoy action all year round.
Under the brand new paint scheme, the Bullet Flux has a sturdy 8-link double wishbone suspension, a durable shaft transmission, metal differentials and a reliable 2.4 GHz radio system. All you need to provide is a pack battery and nerves of steel to control the powerful Bullet Flux!
The Bullet MT features a low aerodynamic body with race plates and a rear spoiler for additional aerodynamic load. To add to the extra-elegant appearance of the racing truck, the bed features slanted sides and "slash" style graphics. The rest of the paint scheme is also completely new, with a black, silver and orange design, with black chrome 5-spoke street style wheels that add for a stunning overall look! The style of the front is enhanced by the classic appearance of the pickup of the grill and headlights, while the bulges of the hood enhance the powerful appearance of the Bullet. Front and rear bumpers and window details, including roll bars and window nets, enhance the appearance of the racing truck, which is complemented by low-profile monster truck-style tires wrapped around shiny black chrome wheels.

2.4 GHz radio system
All HPI kits are equipped with a convenient and feature-rich 2.4 GHz HPI radio system for maximum control and safety! The radio features a pistol grip design with a realistic steering wheel, a reversing servo and a double steering speed. It is also extremely light because it requires only four AA batteries. You won't have to worry about radio crystals or the channel used by other RC pilots with our 2.4 GHz technology: the radio does everything that works for you! The radio automatically prevents frequency conflicts and changes channels in the event of interference. Finally, if you lose the radio signal, an electronic safety device will bring it to a safe and controlled stop. You will have professional level control in a simple RTR package!

Bullet Flux trucks have a closed electronic compartment for the battery and receiver, a sealed waterproof switch, waterproof power steering and finally a waterproof speedo that allows you to continue operating Bullet in extreme conditions that would kill practically any other vehicle! Do you want to face that muddy swamp? How about that passage of the river? Is some rain going to fall? It's all right for the Bullet ST Flux! Note: This HPI vehicle is designed to provide water protection so that it can be driven in wet conditions (e.g. rain, snow, puddles). Not by immersion. See the manual for details.

Sturdy aluminum alloy frame
Made of 6061 aluminum for a combination of strength and lightness, the Bullet Flux frame is durable and looks great! The thick sheet aluminum is molded to form the ideal backbone for all the various components that make Bullet trucks so durable! The front kick-up offers extra control at all speeds, essential for a vehicle anywhere and doing anything like the Bullet. The sides are also bent upwards to give greater ground clearance in tight turns, but also greatly increased longitudinal stiffness - perfect for all your off-road adventures!

Compact and balanced layout
Bullet Flux is packed with features, with each component positioned exactly where it needs to be for perfect weight distribution from front to back and side to side. The steering servo is placed in a "reclining" configuration for a low center of gravity and the weight of the engine and battery are balanced on both sides of the frame. The speed regulator is positioned in the rear part of the frame, along the central line, where it can obtain the greatest amount of cooling air and protection from mud and dirt that is raised by the front wheels.
4WD rigid shaft transmission
The transmission used in all Bullet trucks is a full-time full-time four-wheel drive shaft, just like the one used in 1/8 scale strollers like the HB D815 world champion stroller. A shaft drive is the best option for a kit that should meet all possible driving conditions and the track surface, so whether you're blowing through mud, water, dirt, grass, snow or gravel, it's the ideal type transmission for your off-road adventures!

Heavy duty protected transmission
A sturdy 54-tooth plastic spur gear takes power from the engine and transmits it in front and behind through an adjustable double-pad clutch. The central dogbones drive the front and rear tapered differentials, which use 4 internal gears for greater durability and longer life on weaker 2-speed differentials. Braking power is provided by the HPI Flux brushless motor, which provides the same stopping force as the steel disc brake provided on the nitro versions of the Bullet!

Steel dogbones
Extremely durable hardware is one of the main features of Bullet trucks and is no different when looking at the transmission shafts. Super resistant coated steel dogbone transfer the power from the front and rear differentials to the wheels. On each steel axle there is a hexagonal nylon adapter and a sturdy steel lock nut keeps the wheel in position.

Efficient ball bearings
For greater efficiency, all transmission components, from the spur gear to the wheel axles, rotate on long-life rubber-sealed ball bearings. With these bearings you get long runtimes and long engine life, while the rubber seals protect dust and dirt!

Flexible plastic parts
Heavy duty nylon suspension parts include hubs, steering joints and rear struts, designed to withstand any type of punishment. The front hubs have oversized rock protection to keep the pebbles and stones away from the dogbone / axle joint. The suspension arms are equipped with optional anti-shock fixing points to slightly lower the position of the trolley (excellent for road racing) and to stiffen the suspension at the same time, without using optional parts.

Powerful waterproof steering servo
The HPI SS-20WR waterproof power steering is powerful and reliable, and is more than strong enough to drive the front wheels when the truck is stationary, and can suffer the blows of jumps and accidents thanks to a powerful spring-loaded servo saver.

Adjustable steel turnbuckles
The robust steel tension ring connects the servo to the steering hubs through a reliable bell-shaped steering system. The turnbuckles are light but strong and allow you to tune the Bullet with different tip settings. For advanced tuning, the tensioner rods allow you to make quick adjustments and the steering rods also use the tensioners, so you can change the front tip setting if desired.
Robust off-road tires
Particularly cool off-road tires will offer outstanding grip on loose, compact dirt, grass, mud and more. The sturdy tractor tread tires are perfect for loose dirt, wet mud and work perfectly even on dry asphalt, so you can hit any driving surface with safety and security. The tires are securely glued to the wheels with black chrome coating for an extra touch of style!

HPI Flux Power!
The HPI Flux system installed in the Bullet Flux kits has the same amazing brushless technology that makes the Savage XS, Savage Flux HP and Vorza Flux HP kits so absolutely crazy: a truly extraordinary power contained in a compact and neat package!
The incredible power of the Flux MMH-4000KV engine gives the light Bullet Flux trucks an immense power-to-weight ratio to accelerate the pull and blind the maximum speed! The Flux MMH-4000KV motor features modern internal brushless mechanisms wrapped in a cool black anodized aluminum housing, while the new Flux EMH-3S waterproof speed controller features bullet connectors for the motor, Dean battery connector and even a top cooling fan to keep things cool! The power switch and setting button are both completely waterproof and the electrical connections are surrounded by a waterproof compound that allows you to bomb mud and puddles without worries! The Bullet can handle up to 7 NiMH cells or 3S LiPo batteries to give the truck crazy speeds and extraordinary acceleration!
Do you want wheelies on demand? Come on, try it - you know you can do it! Finally, the speedo Flux EMH-3S can be fully customized with the fantastic professional program card # 101856 2 in 1! Turn your forward / brake / reverse controller into a forward / brake controller for racing only or a forward / reverse controller for rock crawling! Optimize things like the starting punch, the braking power, the drag brake and more, at the push of a button!
Note: the electronics are not designed for submerged operation. Make sure to wash off dirt or salt water with clean water immediately after driving. Check the receiver box to make sure there is no water inside and allow it to dry completely before driving again.

  •  4WD Monster Truck with factory-assembled and prepainted electric motor
  •  2.4 GHz radio system for comfortable and crystal-free control
  •  Waterproof container for battery / receiver
  •  Powerful and powerful HPI Flux MMH-4000KV brushless motor
  •  Waterproof speed controller HPI Flux EMH-3S with cooling fan
  •  and 3S LiPo!
  •  Forward / Brake / Reverse functionality for easy driving
  •  Fully programmable speed controller with 2-inch # 101856
  •  1 professional program card
  •  Waterproof steering servo
  •  Body painted and detailed ready to strut it!
  •  The 6061 aluminum frame offers the ideal backbone
  •  The sturdy bumpers combine with the skid plates to protect all 4 corners
  •  8 oil immersed shock absorbers ensure a luxurious ride
  •  The extra-long suspension arms offer stability and balance
  •  Proven racing design
  •  The steel tensioner connections allow to optimize the stroke
  •  The sealed shaft transmission is maintenance-free and super-resistant
  •  Twin-pad slipper clutch design for enhanced transmission protection
  •  Off-road tires are fantastic on black chrome wheels
  •  An intelligent metal washer prevents excessive tightening of the wheel nuts
  •  Additional track-tuning options included in the kit!

1 / 10th scale 4WD electric monster truck with Brushless Flux system,
2.4GHz radio system and Monster Truck painted body

  •  Length: 417 mm
  •  Width: 336 mm
  •  Height: 160mm (adjustable)
  •  Wheelbase: 272mm
  •  Track: 263 mm
  •  Transmission: 4-wheel drive shaft

  •  Battery pack with Deans socket - HPI Plazma Li-Po batteries recommended!
  •  Battery charger
  •  Includes: 4 AA batteries per transmitter
  •  Specifications are subject to change

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Hpi Bullet MT FLUX 1/ 10 Brushless RTR

Hpi Bullet MT FLUX 1/ 10 Brushless RTR

Hpi Bullet MT FLUX 1/ 10 Brushless RTR

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