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Fms Su-27 Dual 70mm EDF Jet 1,1M Twin Motors PNP Kit Maximize

Fms Su-27 Dual 70mm EDF Jet 1,1M Twin Motors PNP Kit

Fms Su-27 Dual 70mm EDF Jet 1, 1M Twin Motors PNP Kit

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The Su-27 is a two-seat, twin-engine, all-weather heavy fighter developed by the Soviet Sukhoi design bureau. It offers very low altitude flight capabilities, excellent manoeuvrability and stealth capabilities. It can carry out combat missions completely independently, including in-depth actions even in the absence of information from ground control.

FMS's research and development department focused on both the dynamic and static aspects of the project, taking 14 months to reproduce the unique, classic Su-27 fighter.

"Dynamic' means power and agility. Two 70mm 12-blade turbines with internal rotor brushless motors and high quality 80A controllers provide high thrust for high speeds, excellent vertical performance and the resonance of real jet engines. In addition, pre-installed metal gear servos and ball joint mounted controls give more responsive and very precise control.

"Static" refers to the level of quality of the reproduction. FMS has captured the essence of this fighter. A reproduction of the functionality, with the large airbrake, navigation and landing lights, fully movable horizontal tailplanes, gear doors with sequencer, the landing gear assembly that withstands hard landings, and also a reproduction of the details such as the cabin, structural lines, removable weapons, pilot and easily recognisable scenery. All these details combine to make the Su-27 stand out both on the car park and in flight.


  • Navigation & landing LED lights
  • Detailed pilot & large size airbrake
  • Retractable landing gear system that can resist hard landings
  • Detachable ordnance
  • Full-motion tail


Key features

  • Dual 70mm inrunner 12 bladed EDFs and high-quality 80A ESCs provide ample thrust.
  • High degree of reduction of dynamic and static details.
  • High-quality wear-resistant rubber tires
  • Electronic retracts with locked-rotor mode and over current protection
  • Large-size bearings are used in the wheel hub for take-offs and landings on rough roads.
  • Pre-installed, newly designed ball link style control horns for more throw


Overall Length1640mm
Flying WeightAround4380g
Motor Size3060-KV1900*2
Radio6 Channel
CG (center of gravity)140-150mm
EDF70mm 12-blade Pro Ducted Fan * 2
Recommended Battery6S 5000-6000mAh 50C
Approx. Flying Duration4 minutes
Minimum Age Recommendation14+
Experience LevelIntermediate

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Fms Su-27 Dual 70mm EDF Jet 1,1M Twin Motors PNP Kit

Fms Su-27 Dual 70mm EDF Jet 1,1M Twin Motors PNP Kit

Fms Su-27 Dual 70mm EDF Jet 1, 1M Twin Motors PNP Kit

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