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Tamiya King Yellow 6x6 1 /18 G6-01 Chassis Kit Maximize

Tamiya King Yellow 6x6 1 /18 G6-01 Chassis Kit

Tamiya King Yellow 6x6 1 /18 G6-01 Chassis Kit Limited Edition

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Body finishing is much simpler! An exclusive electric remote control car mounting kit that combines a hood type school bus body that is common in the United States with a chassis featuring six large diameter tires. The body with a lot of humor is supervised by Atsushi Arino, an illustrator familiar to Tamiya News. Made of impact-resistant polycarbonate, finished in camel yellow to save painting time. Next, cut and puncture the body, apply adhesives such as smoke seals to windows and radiator grilles and attach detailed parts to complete the body. The satin silver wheels are fitted with 113 mm flap tires so you can drive anywhere.

G6-01 chassis that produces exceptional driving performance unique for large diameter tires and all-wheel drive. The G6-01 chassis is a 6-wheel drive gearbox. It features a high-strength monocoque frame despite its slim shape and uses gears for power transmission. The engine is mounted behind the front shaft and the power is transmitted to the front shaft and to the second shaft by means of gears. A 6WD gear system that transmits energy from the second axis to the third axis. It doesn't matter where you run with exceptional driving power. The gearbox is of an integrated type in the frame. It is a sealed type that blocks sand and pebbles and is equipped with differential gears on each of the three axes for soft curves. The suspension is a double swing arm equipped with friction shock absorbers. The steering servo is located on the left side of the frame and the two tie rods of equal length provide regular control. It is also possible to change the suspension parts and steer the third axle using a 4WS compatible RC transmitter.

Basic specifications

  •     Length 478 mm
  •     overall width 270 mm
  •     overall height 239 mm
  •     Pitch 173 + 126 mm
  •     Tread = 200 mm for all three axles
  •     Tire width / diameter = 68mm / 113mm for all six wheels
  •     Chassis = monocoque type
  •     Transmission system = 6WD transmission
  •     Differential Method = 3 tapered differentials
  •     Steering tie rod = equal length divided into two parts
  •     Suspension = double swing arm independent of all wheels
  •     Transmission ratio = 18.03: 1
  •     Motor = RS540 type
  •     Speed controller = ESC specification (sold separately)

Items required separately

  •     Set of 2.4G electric RC engines for specific purposes
  •     Four AA batteries per transmitter

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Tamiya King Yellow 6x6 1 /18 G6-01 Chassis Kit

Tamiya King Yellow 6x6 1 /18 G6-01 Chassis Kit

Tamiya King Yellow 6x6 1 /18 G6-01 Chassis Kit Limited Edition

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