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Tamiya Dynahead 6x6 1 /18 G3-01TR Chassis Kit Maximize

Tamiya Dynahead 6x6 1 /18 G3-01TR Chassis Kit

Tamiya Dynahead 6x6 1 /18 G3-01TR Chassis Kit

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Go beyond the limits! This is an assembly kit for an electric radio control car equipped with a cab-over type truck body on a 6-wheel drive chassis. The polycarbonate body is the image of a truck trial entry machine held in Europe. It is an original design supervised by Mr. Kazuki Yamazaki, a hyper designer who handles a wide range from cars and motorcycles to hobby and fashion. It has a square planar configuration, a front door with a rear hinge, and a radiator that stands upright. The wild mood goes well with rough off-road. The chassis is a 6-wheel drive G6-01TR. The high drive power, hub reduction unit, and long wheelbase unique to 6WD make it easy to climb steep slopes of 40 degrees, and easily travel on rough roads and rocky terrain.

G6-01TR chassis that demonstrates overwhelming driving power with 6-wheel drive and hub reduction. In addition to 6-wheel drive, a hub reduction unit that increases the torque by reducing the rotation of the drive shaft and increasing the torque is equipped on each wheel Achieved a ratio of 37.35: 1. The G6-01TR chassis expands the fun of running with outstanding driving performance and excellent running performance by outstanding driving power and ample minimum ground clearance. The main frame adopts a slim shape but strong monocoque type, and a gear train 6WD system using gears for power transmission of all three axes. In addition, the gear case is an integral frame that is sealed to prevent sand and pebbles from entering. Equipped with differential gears for each of the three axes, and using differential gear gum for differential gears, differentials are controlled and high traction is drawn out. All the wheels are independent double wishbones equipped with friction dampers. The black-colored 5-spoke wheels are fitted with large-diameter tires with a diameter of 110 mm featuring a V-pattern block. In addition, it is also possible to steer the third axis by changing suspension parts and using a 4WS compatible RC transmitter.

Specifiche di base

  •       Length: 428 mm
  •       width: 256 mm
  •       height: 222 mm
  •       Pitch: 173 + 126 mm
  •       Tread = 209 mm for all three axles
  •       Tire width / diameter = 50 mm / 110 mm for all six wheels
  •       Chassis = monocoque type
  •       Drive system = 6WD gear transmission + hub reduction
  •       Differential gearbox system = 3 tapered differentials
  •       Steering tie rods = 2 divisions of equal length
  •       Suspension = Double swing arm independent of all wheels
  •       Transmission ratio = 37.35: 1
  •       Motor = RS540 type
  •       Speed controller = ESC specification (sold separately)

Separate required items

  •       Set of 2.4G electric RC transmissions for specific purposes
  •       4 AA batteries for transmitter * If you want to make the complete frame, bearing 1150: 30 pieces, 850

Dynahead 6x6 1-18

Dynahead 6x6 1-18 01


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Tamiya Dynahead 6x6 1 /18 G3-01TR Chassis Kit

Tamiya Dynahead 6x6 1 /18 G3-01TR Chassis Kit

Tamiya Dynahead 6x6 1 /18 G3-01TR Chassis Kit

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